Weekly News_February 3rd

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Wow, January is over and we are so happy to welcome February! Thank you to those that were able to make it to the STCS Science Fair on Saturday. The kiddos enjoyed sharing what they learned in science and playing with the car tracks to demonstrate force and motion. If you were not able to make it, we completely understand that weekends are often filled with sports and family activities. We are SO excited to rock out the week, here we go!

Field Trip, Science Camp-  February 19, 20, 21:

We will be sending home groups, packing list, and medication release forms next week. Keep an eye our for those, please! They will be on colored paper.

Snacks- We will be looking for donations of snacks and cases of bottled water for camp. The snacks should be individually packaged and kept in the teacher’s cabin. Chaperones will have access to getting them throughout the day. Please remember we are a peanut free campus, thank you!

What are we learning?

Reading- This quarter, we will be working on book novel studies. The students have been split into different groups and were given the appropriate book for their reading level. Along with their book, I gave them a packet with questions that follow each chapter or chapters. We are going to take it day by day and answer the questions as we read along. During this time, we will be hitting many standards. I will be teaching the students how to reference back to their books for the answers the questions are asking. This will also help with comprehension, which means a student can read the book and answer questions after their reading. We will also have group discussions about the book and explore the author’s purpose. It will also teach them text features within the book. This will all be done in class (unless they choose not to work and at that point will be sent home for homework). In doing all of this, we are exploring different authors and genres, as well as, learning many of our 4th grade standards. This will help us during our AZ Merit testing in April too!

Writing– We will finish our writing from last week.

Math– Some groups are working through different steps in multiplication. Other groups are starting division with remainders.

Science– We have been learning about force and motion through Newton’s 3 laws of motion. These awesome 4th grade scientists have become experts in this area and it has been super cool watching their growth! They are able to define push, pull, gravity, motion, force and friction. They can give great examples too! We will be learning about simple machines this week and finishing off with our force and motion through race tracks!

If you have any questions about our week, please send me an email and I’d be happy to help!

Thanks for your continued support,

Mrs. Taylor

4th Grade Teacher